Arizona Hunting Seasons, 2020-2021

Arizona has many surprises when it comes to hunting seasons. While many would believe that this Southwestern state is nothing but desert, Arizona’s ecosystem is perfect for a variety of wildlife.

If you are looking to hunt common game like quail, deer and turkey, Arizona can provide prosperous hunting. But for hunters of bigger game, the Grand Canyon State offers bear, bighorn sheep and even bison hunting seasons.

Arizona regulates its hunting seasons by region, and many of its hunts are by lottery permit only. For these reasons, it is important to visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website for additional details before heading out to hunt.

Arizona Deer Seasons

General Season Oct. 23-Dec. 31**
General Youth-Only Season Oct. 9-Nov. 29**
CHAMP (Challenged Hunter Access Mobility Permit) Sept. 18-24**
Oct. 23-29**
Muzzleloader Oct. 23-Dec. 31**
Youth-Only Muzzleloader Oct. 2-11**
Nov. 20-29**
Archery Aug. 21-Sept. 10**
Dec. 11-Dec. 31**

**Season dates vary by zone

Arizona Bighorn Sheep Seasons

General Season Oct. 1-Dec. 31**

**Season dates vary by zone, specifically for Rocky Mountain and Desert bighorn sheep.
Many bighorn sheep hunting zones are difficult to access. Expect to hunt and camp in isolated, backcountry regions and prepare accordingly.

Arizona Bison Seasons

General Season Dec. 4-6**
Dec. 13-15**
Limited Opportunity General Season Sept. 25-Dec. 31**
Limited Opportunity Muzzleloader Sept. 11-23
Limited Opportunity Archery Only Aug. 21-Sept. 9

**Season dates vary by zone

Arizona Turkey Seasons

General Season Oct. 2-8
Youth Hunt Oct. 2-8
Archery Aug. 21-Sept. 10**

**Seasons dates vary by zone

Turkey hunting in Arizona requires a hunting license as well as a turkey tag. One turkey can be taken per calendar year.

Arizona Javelina Seasons

Archery Only Aug. 21-Dec. 31
Youth Only Oct. 2-Nov. 26**

**Season dates vary by zone. Only two javelinas can be taken per calendar year. Permits for general season javelina hunts are awarded through a lottery draw system and dates vary accordingly. For more information on hunting javelina, visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website.

Arizona Black Bear Seasons

General Season Aug. 7-Dec. 31**

**Season dates vary by zone. Arizona allows for the taking of nearly any black bear, except sows with cubs.

Arizona Mountain Lion Seasons

General Season, Daylight Shooting Hours Aug. 21-May 31
Archery Only Aug. 21-May 31
Pursuit Only Aug. 21-May 31

Only one mountain lion can be taken per calendar year. Arizona offers hunting in daylight shooting hours and daylong shooting hours. Daylight hunts must be during daylight, while daylong hunts can take place in any “24-hour period between midnight and midnight.”

Arizona Small Game Seasons

Chuckar Partridge Sept. 1-Feb. 7
Dusky Blue Grouse Sept. 1-Nov. 8
Cottontail Rabbit July 1-June 30**
Pheasant Shotgun: Sept. 1-15
Archery: Oct. 16-Feb. 7
Falconry: Sept. 14-Feb. 7
Tree Squirrel July 1-June 30**
Quail General Season: Oct. 16-Feb. 7**
Falconry: July 1-March 31**
Jackrabbit Sept. 1-Mar. 31
Gunnison’s Prairie Dog July 1-Mar. 31

**Season dates vary by zone

Bag limits, special seasons and hunting regulations for Arizona hunting seasons do vary based on animal and seasons. For more information on obtaining licenses, permits and regulations, visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website.