Colorado Hunting Seasons, 2016-2017

If you’re looking for large game, consider Colorado’s hunting seasons. From the regionally unique pronghorn to mountain lion and black bear, Colorado’s wildlife has it all. In addition to some great hunting, Colorado offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the United States.

If hunting is one of your hobbies, Colorado is a must experience. Along with some of the other great hunting states like Alaska, Michigan, and Texas, Colorado combines natural beauty and exciting hunts to create a truly memorable experience.

Elk Seasons


Aug. 27-Sept. 25


Sept. 10-18

Deer Seasons


Aug. 27-Sep. 25


Sept. 10-18

Plains Muzzleloader

Oct. 8-16

Plains Rifle

Oct. 29-Nov. 8

Regular Rifle Deer and Elk Seasons

Separate Limited Elk

Oct. 15-19

Combined Deer and Elk

Oct. 22-30
Nov. 5-13

Combined Limited Deer and Elk

 Nov. 16-20

Pronghorn Seasons

Archery: Bucks Only

Aug. 15-31

Archery: Bucks and Does

Sep. 1-20


Sep. 21-29


Oct. 1-7

Moose Seasons


Sep. 10-25


Sep. 10-18


Oct. 1-14

Black Bear Seasons


Sep. 2-30


Sep. 10-18


Oct. 22-30
Nov. 5-13
Nov. 16-20

Mountain Lion Seasons

April Season

Apr. 1-30

Regular Season

Nov. 16-Mar. 31

*Hunters are required to complete the Certified Mountain Lion course and test. Mountain lions have a bag limit of one per season. Colorado Parks and Wildlife may choose to extract a premolar tooth from any hunted mountain lion to help determine age and other management features. Hunters are required to call a Parks and Wildlife office before every mountain lion hunt to ensure season is still open.

Turkey Seasons

Spring Turkey

Apr. 9-May 22

Fall Turkey

Sept. 1-Oct. 28

Late Season

Dec. 15-Jan. 15

Small Game Seasons

Aberts Squirrel

Nov. 15-Jan. 15


Oct. 1-Apr. 30


Dec. 1-Feb. 29

Common Snapping Turtle

Apr. 1-Oct. 31

Rabbit (cottontail, snowshoe hair, white and black tailed)

Oct. 1-Feb. 28



Fox and Pine Squirrel

Oct. 1-Feb. 28


Aug. 10-Oct. 15

Prairie Dogs (white and black-tailed, Gunnison’s)

Jun. 15-Feb. 28

Prairie Rattlesnake

Jun. 15-Aug. 15

Wyoming Ground Squirrel


Colorado hunting seasons, bagging totals and available licenses vary by region. Licenses must be applied for, and some are selected at random. Additionally, Colorado hunting seasons include several regional and special permit hunt times. For information on how to obtain season licenses for harvest, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.