Connecticut Hunting Seasons, 2017-2018

Connecticut may be a small state, but it has a large variety of game to hunt throughout the year. Turkey and deer are popular choices for hunters, but the state’s waterfowl also reign supreme. While Connecticut doesn’t allow bear hunting, outdoors enthusiasts and hunters have the chance to glimpse these magnificent mammals throughout the year.

The Northeast region of the US has some of the best weather, scenery, hunting, and American history. Connecticut is no exception.


Deer Seasons


Sept. 15-Jan. 31*


Nov. 15-Dec. 5*

Muzzleloader Dec. 6-30*

*Dates vary greatly based on hunting location (state or private land) and region.

Turkey Seasons

Spring Season

Apr. 26-May 27

Fall Bowhunting

Sept. 15-Jan. 31*

Fall Firearms

Oct. 7-31

Small Game Seasons

Cottontail Rabbit

Jan. 2-Feb. 28
Oct. 21-Dec. 30

European Hare

Jan. 2-Feb. 28
Oct. 21-Dec. 30

Gray Squirrel

Jan. 2-Feb. 28
Sept. 1-Dec. 30

Snowshoe Hare

Jan. 2-31
Nov. 18-Dec. 30


Mar. 15-Nov. 15

Gamebird Seasons

Chukar Partridge

Jan. 2-Feb. 28
Oct. 21-Dec. 30


Jan. 14-Mar. 25 (Mon through Sat)
Aug. 12-Oct. 13 (Wed, Fri, Sat)
Oct. 21-Nov. 29 (Wed, Fri, Sat)


Jan. 2-Feb. 28
Oct. 21-Dec. 30


Oct. 21-Nov. 4

Ruffed Grouse

Oct. 21-Nov. 30

*Connecticut no longer requires separate tags for pheasant hunting, but you must receive a pheasant hunting stamp on your hunting license or small game permit. Stamps are printed directly onto your permit.

Connecticut’s hunting permits vary in cost, but most can be purchased online through the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s website. Junior hunters and hunters age 16 and 17 often receive discount prices on permits, stamps and tags.