Georgia Hunting Seasons, 2014-2015

Heading down to Georgia will offer chances to snag large and small game. From deer, bear, turkey and even alligators, Georgia hunting seasons provide several opportunities to bag the harvest of your choice.

Georgia provides several options for purchasing hunting licenses and permits. Hunters can obtain them through a license agent, over the phone or by way of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website. Both residents and nonresidents are able to purchase licenses and apply for special permits and passes online.

The state also offers several programs beneficial to new and seasoned hunters. Junior and first time hunters can participate in Hunt and Learn programs, which overview skills necessary for hunting and processing wild game. More experienced hunters may find interest in the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) program, which pairs hunters with nearby state hunting locations. WMA’s also host specialty hunts for a variety of hunting levels and groups.


Deer Seasons

Archery Sept. 13-Oct. 10
Extended Archery Jan. 2-31
Muzzleloader Oct. 11-17
Firearms Oct. 18-Jan. 15, end dates vary by region

*Permits are required for deer hunt. Only 7,500 permits are issued. Specialty hunts, such as the disability hunting season, require permits. Nonresident junior hunters are not allowed to hunt during the youth hunt season.

Bear Seasons

Archery Sept. 13-Oct. 10
Muzzleloader Oct. 11-17
Firearms Sept. 25-27, Oct. 2-4, Oct. 9-11, Oct. 18-Dec. 7, start and end dates vary by region


Wild Turkey Seasons

General Season Mar. 21-May 15


Alligator Season

General Season Sept. 6-Oct. 5

*Permits are required to hunt alligator, and only one alligator can be harvested per year.


Small Game Seasons

Crows Nov. 1-Feb. 28
Fox Dec. 1-Feb. 28
Bobcat Dec. 1-Feb. 28
Grouse Oct. 15-Feb. 28
Marsh Hens Sept. 13-Oct. 31, Nov. 7-Dec. 3
Opossum Oct. 15-Feb. 28
Quail Nov. 15-Feb. 28
Rabbit Nov. 15-Feb. 28
Raccoon Oct. 15-Feb. 28
Squirrel Aug. 15-Feb. 28
Woodcock Dec. 6-Jan. 18

Bag limits, special seasons and hunting regulations for Georgia hunting seasons do vary based on animal and seasons. For more information on obtaining licenses, permits and regulations, visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.