Iowa Hunting Seasons, 2017-2018

At the northern portion of the Midwest, Iowa has several game animals to offer hunters. Iowa hunting seasons include deer, turkey, pheasant and a listing of small game.

Hunters can purchase licenses and permits in several ways: through a license agent, over the phone or online. Licenses and permits are available for both Iowa residents and nonresidents, and vary in price. Successful hunters can also utilize the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website to report harvested game, specifically deer and turkey.

Iowa offers several beneficial programs for hunters. The Habitat and Access program (IHAP) encourages property owners to open their land to the public. Hunters can access these lands between September 1 and May 31. The state Hunting Atlas allows hunters to begin planning their next outdoor excursion. The interactive map shows more than 600,000 acres of public hunting areas and provides information about animal habitats and hunting zones. Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) include more than 360,000 acres open to the public for hunting and trapping.

Deer Seasons

Youth Season

Sept. 16-Oct. 1

Disabled Hunter Season

Sept. 16-Oct. 1


Oct. 1-Dec. 1
Dec. 18-Jan. 10

Early Muzzleloader

Oct. 14-22

Late Muzzleloader

Dec. 18-Jan. 10

Regular Gun Season 1

Dec. 2-6

Regular Gun Season 2

Dec. 9-17

Non-resident Holiday Season

Dec. 24-Jan. 2

*Deer hunters are required to purchase permits for each deer collected.

Turkey Seasons

Fall Gun/Bow

Oct. 16-Dec. 1

Fall Archery Only

Oct. 1-Dec. 1
Dec. 18-Jan. 10

Youth Spring Season

Apr. 8-16

Spring Gun/Bow

Apr. 17-May 21

Resident Spring Archery Only

Apr. 17-May 21

Small Game Seasons

(Youth Season)

Oct. 21-22


Oct. 28-Jan. 10

Gray Partridge

Oct. 14-Jan. 31

Ruffed Grouse

Oct. 7-Jan. 31

Cottontail Rabbit

Sept. 7-Feb. 28

Fox/Gray Squirrel

Sept. 2-Jan. 31


Oct. 15-Nov. 30
Jan. 14-Mar. 31


Open Season


Open Season

Bag limits, special seasons and hunting regulations for Iowa hunting seasons do vary based on animal and seasons. For more information on obtaining licenses, permits and regulations, visit the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website.