Massachusetts Hunting Seasons, 2017-2018

Massachusetts is a small state known for some big hunting, such as white tailed deer and even bear. If Massachusetts is the hunting spot for you, know that hunting tags and permits can now be purchased online for both resident and out-of-state hunters. This allows you to print permits from home before heading out into the woods.

The appeal of Massachusetts is more than just the sport. The ability to enjoy some iconic places of American History gives great added benefit to hunting Massachusetts.


White Tailed Deer Seasons

Archery Oct. 16-Nov. 25
Shotgun Nov. 27-Dec. 9
Primitive Firearms Dec. 11-30
Youth Hunt Sept. 30
Paraplegic Hunt Nov. 2-4

Bear Seasons

Zones 1-14 Sept. 5-23
Nov. 6-25
Nov. 27-Dec. 9

Wild Turkey

(Zones 1-13)
Apr. 24-May 20
(Zones 1-13)
Oct. 23-Nov. 4
Youth Hunt Apr. 22

Small Game

Cottontail Rabbit Jan. 2-Feb. 28
Oct. 14-Feb. 28*
Snowshoe Hare Jan. 2-Feb. 29*
Oct. 14-Feb. 28*
Jackrabbit Nov. 15-Dec. 30
Gray Squirrel Sept. 11-Jan. 2*
Crow Jan. 2-Apr. 10
July 1-Apr. 10
Pheasant Oct. 14-Nov. 25
Quail Oct. 14-Nov. 25*
Ruffled Grouse Oct. 14-Nov. 25

*Some zones or regions may limit hunting by date or region. To ensure you have a legal hunt, visit the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game website.


Bobcat Jan. 2-Mar. 8
Dec. 20-Mar. 8
Coyote Jan. 2-Mar. 8
Oct. 14-Mar. 8
Red and Gray Fox Jan. 2-Feb. 29
Oct. 2-Feb. 28
Raccoon Jan. 2-Jan. 30
Oct. 2-Jan. 31
Opossum Jan. 2-Jan. 30
Oct. 2-Jan. 31