Montana Hunting Seasons, 2017-2018

Montana offers a large selection of big game for avid hunters to choose from. Antelope, bison, black bear, elk and mountain lion are all included in Montana’s hunting seasons.

Hunting licenses and permits are available for purchase on the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department website for both Montana residents and nonresidents. They can also be purchased from a variety of businesses throughout the state. Nonresidents are also able to purchase combination licenses for deer and elk hunting. Permits are also available for legal salvage of deer, moose, elk and antelope that have been accidentally killed by vehicle collision.

Montana offers the Block Management program, a system designed to encourage private property owners and land management agencies to allow free public hunting. The program, which offers nearly 7.8 million acres of hunting friendly land, is available for fall hunts, but excludes spring bear and turkey seasons.


Antelope Seasons

900 Series Aug. 15-Nov. 12
Archery Sept. 2-Oct. 6
Firearms Oct. 7-Nov. 12


Bighorn Sheep Seasons

Archery Sept. 2-14
Firearms Sept. 15-Nov. 26


Bison Seasons

General Season Nov. 15-Feb. 15


Black Bear Seasons

Fall, Archery Sept. 2-14
Fall, Firearms Sept. 15-Nov. 26
Spring, General Apr. 15-June 15, end date varies by region


Deer and Elk Seasons

Archery Sept. 2-Oct. 15
Youth Hunt Oct.19-20
Firearms Oct. 21-Nov. 26
Backcountry, Archery Sept. 2-14
Backcountry, Firearms Sept. 15-Nov. 26

 *Backcountry dates may vary by region. To ensure you have a legal hunt, visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website for more information.


Wild Turkey Season

Fall Turkey Sept. 1-Jan. 1
Spring Turkey Apr. 8-May 21


Moose Seasons

General Season Sept. 15-Nov. 26


Mountain Goat Seasons

General Season Sept. 15-Nov. 26


Mountain Lion Seasons

Archery Sept. 2-Oct. 115
Fall, Firearms Oct. 21-Nov. 26 (without dogs)
Winter, Firearms Dec. 1-Apr. 14 (with dogs)
Dec. 20-Apr. 14 (resident-only dog training)
Feb. 1-Apr. 14 (with dogs)


Wolf Seasons

Archery Sept. 2-14
Fall, Firearms Sept. 15-Mar. 15


Small Game Seasons

Mountain Grouse Sept. 1-Jan. 1
Partridge Sept. 1-Jan. 1
Pheasant Oct. 7-Jan. 1
Sage Grouse Sept. 1-30
Sharp-tailed Grouse Sept. 1-Jan. 1


Bag limits, special seasons and hunting regulations for Montana hunting seasons do vary based on animal and seasons. For more information on obtaining licenses, permits and regulations, visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department website.