New Hampshire Hunting Seasons, 2017-2018

New Hampshire hunting seasons offer standard game animals, including turkey, deer, pheasant and small game. But, what you might not expect from the small state are two larger game options: moose and black bear.

New Hampshire features more than 200,000 acres of state land and more than 750,000 acres of the White Mountain National forest, much of which is accessible to hunters. Unlike many states, the Granite State offers Sunday hunting.

Hunting licenses are available for state residents and nonresidents. Licenses can be purchased by mail, from a license agent or online.


Deer Seasons

Archery Sept. 15-Dec. 15
Muzzleloader Oct. 28-Nov. 7
Firearms Nov. 8-Dec. 3*
Youth Hunt Oct. 21-22

*Firearms season closes early in some areas. For more information about hunting in New Hampshire’s wildlife management units, visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game website.

Deer permits are required, only one deer may be harvested per permit. Antlered and antlerless may be harvested within the same season dates, but regions may have differing regulations. For additional information, be sure to visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website.

Black Bear Seasons

Regular Season Sept. 1-Nov. 21*
Baiting Season Sept. 1-28
Dog Season Sept. 21-Nov. 7**

*New Hampshire has varying season dates by region. For more information on regional hunting dates, visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website.

**Some hunting regions have eliminated the 2016 black bear dog season. For see if this season has been eliminated in your area, visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website.

New Hampshire prohibits the use of chocolate as bear bait, as chocolate could be potential toxic to bears if eaten in large quantities.

Moose Seasons

Regular Season Oct. 21-29

*Moose harvest is regulated by lottery-style permits.

Wild Turkey Seasons

Fall Turkey, Archery Sept. 15-Dec. 15*
Fall Turkey, Firearms Oct. 16-22
Spring Turkey, All methods May 3-31
Spring Youth Hunt Apr. 28-29
*Some regions of the state have varying season dates. Visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website for regional hunting dates.

Pheasant Seasons

Regular Season Oct. 1-Dec. 31

*Pheasant licenses are required.


Small Game Seasons

Snowshoe Hare Oct. 1-Mar. 31
Cottontail Rabbit Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Gray Squirrel Sept. 1-Dec. 31
Ruffed Grouse Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Northern Bobwhite Quail Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Chukar Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Hungarian Partridge Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Crow Aug. 15- Nov. 30
March 16-31
Woodcock Oct. 1-Nov. 14
Ring-necked Pheasant Oct. 1-31*

*Additional pheasant license required

Bag limits, special seasons and hunting regulations for New Hampshire hunting seasons do vary based on animal and seasons. For more information on obtaining licenses, permits and regulations, visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website.