Utah Hunting Season 2017-2018

The 2016-2017 Utah hunting season is currently underway. The mountains of Utah represent a beautiful background for the Beehive State’s vast hunting lands. The most beautiful landscapes of the United States are found in Utah’s portion of the Rocky Mountains, allowing you to explore beautiful nature and achieve a bountiful hunt. On top of the scenery, the state offers premier hunting of big game, including deer, elk, moose and bighorn sheep.

Deer Seasons

Archery Aug. 19-Sept. 15
Muzzleloader Sept. 27-Oct. 5
Firearms Oct. 21-29

Elk Seasons

Archery, Bull Elk Aug. 19-Sept. 15
Archery, Spike Elk Aug. 19-Sept. 8
Firearms, Spike or Bull Elk Oct. 7-19
Muzzleloader Nov. 1-9
Youth Bull Elk Sept. 16-24

Beginning in 2016, Utah hunters will be able to obtain up to three elk permits.

Turkey Seasons

Fall Firearms

Spring Limited Season

Spring General Season

Spring Youth Season

Nov. 1-Jan. 31*

Apr. 27-29

Apr. 30-May 31

Apr. 27-29

Season dates may vary by region (generally northern or southern Utah).

Pronghorn and Moose Seasons

Firearms Sept. 1-Nov. 15


Black Bear Season

Spring Season Apr. 1-June 2
Summer Season July 5-Aug. 6
Fall Season Oct. 28-Nov. 16

Black bear hunts are available by permit lottery only. For more information on how to apply for a black bear permit, visit the Utah Department of Natural Resources website.

Bighorn Sheep Season

General Season Sept. 1-Dec. 31
In 2016, the Utah Department of Natural Resources will expand bighorn sheep hunts into an additional unit. Some bighorn sheep seasons are considered “once in a lifetime hunts,” meaning these specialty hunts can only be obtained once. For more on Utah’s different bighorn sheep hunting seasons, visit the Utah Department of Natural Resources website.